Calling All “Writers!”

Hey, Buddies In Space fans- we had a great response to our “Dramatic Readings of 90’s Teen Horror Novel Covers,” and we want to do something fun that’ll get YOU, our faithful listeners, involved.

Paste your original, uncopyrighted written material below for it to possibly be read by BIS. That’s right, we want YOUR content for some dramatic readin’s! We can’t guarantee that everything submitted will get read, but we’ll try. Who knows, maybe this will even become a regular thing…

Gotta short story you wrote in grade school that you are too embarrassed to show anyone? Submit it below and we’ll read it to the whole internet, Buddies-style. Want to get revenge on your sibling/children/significant other? Submit their “poetry” below and we’ll adapt it to be read by the two of us.

Sadly we can’t read Sam Shepard on the show, as much as we would rock True West, so please do not submit copyrighted material unless it is YOUR’S and you release us to lampoon it. (Sam Shepard, we’re looking at you!) Also, content that you wrote for something else works best- don’t go writing sumpin’ “funny” just for us.

Leave the humor to the Buddies, we’ll find it in whatever you submit 😉