BIS Wives' Food Challenge

Wives’ Challenge: Food Torture Edition

The Buddies drink Mike’s Hendrick’s GinĀ  “health tonics” as they submit themselves to the ultimate test of marital trust: They gave each of their wives $20 and told them to buy the weirdest food they could find, and then the Buddies agreed to eat a little of everything.

No guarantees on Mike n’ S’mike’s continued survival here, folks!

Plus: The Hu’watch 2 looks like poo! Legion love! And Jello!

Blow Gun Buddies

Legion and the Blow Dart of Perfection

The Buddies sip dueling Old Fashioneds and discuss the many, many merits of FX’s new X-men show Legion. Also, Street Fighter 1 and 2 get a lot of love.

And hate.

Also discussed: Raising a future Stormtrooper! The Neo Geo! And the Good Place!

And a challenge: Send us your best use of the phrase “It’s the blow dart of _____.”

Buddies Cow Horns

Magical Bull$#!*

The Buddies sip root beer dessert drinks as Mike recounts the craziest moments of his prepubescent years.

The Buddies also do a dramatic reading of a comic book that Mike’s wife Erica wrote when she was 9. There’s a lot of confusion.

Also: Stories from the short bus! Taste-testing food torture! Ash vs the Evil Dead!

Buddies OA

The “OMG! The OA!” Episode

The Buddies put on their crystal pyramid hats and channel their inner New-Age spiritualists as they review Netflix’s love-it-or-hate-it phenomenon, The OA. S’mike assembles a true gentleman’s cocktail to drunkenly align the Buddies’ awareness with the ley lines.

Tons of spoilers in this one, so watch the OA (or try to, at least) before listening!

Also: Erica makes a corrective appearance! S’mike does an interpretive dance! And Mike explains the ultimate OA sketch that SNL should do!




S’Mike Gets Bullied by a Two-Year-Old

On a very special after-school episode of Buddies In Space, S’mike gets bullied by Mike’s two-year-old son. Sticks and stones break his bones, and names hurt S’mike deeply…

To ease S’mike’s pain, Mike whips up a tasty maple syrup and pot still whiskey Old Fashioned, and the Buddies recount their New Year’s Eve lameness, their day of board gaming and they finally discuss That Thing In Rogue One That Mike Didn’t Want To Discuss Right After The Movie Came Out.

Also: New board game reviews! The OA! Humorous contextual phrasing!



In Defense of Episodic Television, and Why It Should Die

The Buddies cast their final pod of 2016 while knocking back extra-strength sake “Man Cans,” left over from S’mike’s latest Sake Meet Up. Mike loses his $#!^ over Rogue One, discussing it’s may virtues with as few spoilers as possible.

The Buddies then turn their attention to episodic television and each makes a case either for or against it, based on how Netflix has turned the TV industry on its head. Intelligent stuff is said, but who is right? You be the judge!

Also: Misbehaving video game cameras! Mean children! New Year’s resolutions! And buddiness…


Mike Finds Serenity in a Firefly-Themed Loot Crate

In this Christmas episode, the Buddies sip a holiday-themed interpretation of the classic rum punch as S’mike helps Mike unbox his latest Firefly-themed Cargo Crate from Loot Crate. Mike doesn’t know what’s in it, which S’mike uses to torment his compatriot.

Also… Tales from Opry Land! Near-matricide! The scariest roller coaster experience ever! The innate horrors of urban decay! Oh, and and comedy, too!

Btw, the sheer genius of this episode’s title will only become evident if you listen to the episode. Or if you know virtually anything about Firefly.



The Buddies knock back booze-filled milkshakes and explore early 90’s music video cinematography, retail therapy and Grey Thursday blues.

Also: Tablets, Disney and accents, oh my!



An Episode From a More Innocent Time

The Buddies meet the night before the Election to record an episode in a different time, before the events of November 8th and everything that followed. The episode’s drink was random liquors mixed with spiced grapefruit tonic.

S’mike’s recent birthday food fails are recounted, including pretentious 7-course meals and unfulfilling foot-longs. The Buddies then dissect the unique joys derived from S’Mike’s birthday surprise gift.

Spoiler: Stretching is alleged to have been heavily involved…

Also: Tales of toddler Halloween fright! Lame-ass crackers! And also Trump hadn’t been elected yet!


Extra Special Interactive 50th Episode!

In 2009, S Michael Smith was cast in the art house/horror film “The Beast Pageant.”

In 2016, in celebration of Halloween and their 50th episode, Buddies In Space made fun of The Beast Pageant.

While drunk.

That’s right, folks, it’s our super-special interactive 50th podcast episode!!! We basically did a RiffTrax of S’Mike’s movie, and you get to follow along while watching it. The movie is free to stream on Vimeo here.

Navigate to the movie and press “play” when prompted in the podcast to have the interactive experience of watching the movie with us in real time as we mock it/provide tons of production commentary.

Enjoy, and here’s to 50 more episodes!